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Yacht Rentals

All Tulum yacht rentals have open bar on board and food, which can vary depending on the boat. We have from speedboats to the most luxurious yachts in Tulum area. The cheapest vessel would be $700 USD 2 hours plus dock fee, and the most expensive would be the Sunseeker 60 for $5,750 USD 9 hours to Cozumel plus dock fee and marine park fee. If looking for something in between, i may recommend the Sundancer 48 footer for $1200 USD 4 hoours plus $10 USD dock fee per person. Other good option would be the Sea Ray 47 of $1250 USD 4 hours. On the other hand, if you wanted something a little more sophisticated and with the most wide space available, then i would choose the Leopard 51, as it has it all.

Customer support

Tulum Yacht Rentals service is top-notch. We're certified, very quick to respond, transparent about our prices, and have a flexible refund policy. We make the process hassle-free with no hidden fees or shady business, ensuring a guarantee of quality service.

Round trip transfer

We have round trip transportation services with extra cost. Whenever you are in Tulum we may pick you up by ground transportation to take to the marina in Puerto Aventuras. Let us know all your needs so our representatives can offer you what best suits your needs.

Eat, drink and explore

All private tours come with an array of amenities including meals, unlimited access to the open bar, and snorkeling. In addition, we have optional extras such as extra food menu and celebration packages for your convenience. We make the process hassle-free with no hidden fees or shady business, ensuring a guarantee of quality service.



If you are staying in Tulum’s hotel zone, the Tulum yacht charters are all departing from within the Puerto Aventuras area. We may pick you up by ground transportation one hour before the trip. After departing from dock, we cruise through de cannals of Puerto Aventuras until we reach the open sea by passing through the La Bocana (a sea inlet with shallow waters where boats are protected from the high waves). Then the cruising is along the coastline of Riviera Maya. After a while we will reach a reef called INAH to park the yacht and do the snorkeling. Let’s try to spot some sea turtles! A delicious meal will be served. Our waiter on board will offer drinks all the time. If want water toys, crew will set the flotable mattress and the paddleboard. After activities we will return to Puerto Aventuras, to either La Bocana inlet or to dock to finish the yacht trip.

yacht lagoon 45 charters

Price $2,150 USD

yacht SUN SEEKER 60' tulum rentals

Price $2,650 USD

yacht CRANCHI 50

Price $1,950 USD

yacht rentals - BALI 40 complete

BALI 40'
Price $2,050 USD

tulum yacht rentals Leopard 40

Price $1,800 USD

yacht rentals - AVENTURA 34

Price $1,550 USD

yacht AZIMUT 50

Price $1,500 USD

tulum yacht rentals sea ray 40 charters

Price $1,300 USD

yacht LEOPARD 44

Price $2,050 USD

tulum yacht rentals boat

Price $1,850 USD

yacht LEOPARD 51

Price $2,950 USD

yacht LAGOON 38

Price $1,500 USD

puerto aventuras yacht rentals - LAGOON 42

Price $1,850 USD

yacht rentals - CATAMARAN 46 charters

Price $1,700 USD

yacht rentals - CARIBE 65 footer

Price $2,150 USD


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    Tulum Yacht Charters

    Tulum Yacht Charters offers all yachts and luxury boats available in the Tulum area. The marina is actually located in Puerto Aventuras, which is a touristic town between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. From Tulum downtown you make about 30 minutes by ground transportation. Best you can do is either rent a car or hire transportation. Yacht Charters Tulum offers transportation for all amount of people. It doesn’t matter the number, we csn hire more Toyota vans. If you are staying in Playa del Carmen we can also offer transportation for your Tulum yacht rental. It’s a little closer, actually. From Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras is about 20 minutes, while from Tulum is 30 or 40 minutes if you are in Tulum’s hotel zone.

    About the yacht charters, you can choose between a morning departure or a departure in the afternoon. A morning departure is mostly at 9 am, when an afternoon yacht charter would be 1:30 pm, 2:00 pm or 2:30 pm. Some yachts depart even at 3:00 pm. Pick up time at your lobby’s hotel would be one hour before your yacht departure time.¬†

    Tulum Yacht Rentals Cancelation Policy

    We can refund or reschedule only if master harbour closed the port to all boat in the zone. This happens when bad weather makes the sea too choppy. Master harbour tells every yacht that same day at 9 am, once they have been in the sea to check it out. We can reschedule to another day that you can. If you can’t reschedule we will refund you the payment. There is a third option when this happens. There is a sea inlet called La Bocana or La Caleta, which is protected by rocks from the high waves. We can stop there and have a good time on board the boat, have the food and open bar, music, swim, etc, but we can’t go to the reef to do snorkeling nor cruise by Riviera Maya’s coastline.

    Catamaran Yacht Rentals Tulum

    Catamaran Yacht Rentals Tulum offers catamaran charters departing from Puerto Aventuras with the option to pick you up in your Airbnb or hotel. This options are normally for groups staying in Riviera Maya. It could be an party boat event for up to 100 people on board plus crew. All catamarans include open bar and food on board, as well as snorkeling gear. The cruising is the same as the yachts: Cruise by Riviera Maya’s coastline until we reach a reef called INAH to do snorkeling. We always tell the guests to look for sea turtles which are always feeding on the sea bottom. A catamaran party could also be for 30 people. We have a very luxurious 51-footer catamaran with chef and food menu. This will be the best catamaran in Tulum if what you are looking for is best service on board a very nice vessel.

    Boat Charters in Tulum

    If you want to depart directly from Tulum’s beach we have small panga boats who can take you for a ride at a non-luxurios tour. You may want to snorkel if weather allows it or you may want to go fishing, which is the most common tour departing directly from Tulum’s beach. No need of transportation as Tulum’s beach is always close to your hotel. Maybe a little 5-minutes taxi ride, at the most. Yachts from Puerto Aventuras used to have the option of picking up from Tulum’s beach a long time ago. The thing is you need a dinghy boat to pass through the dangerous reef, and non yacht has one. and if a yacht has one, the cost of the fuel is high, so it’s cheaper in the end a ground round trip transportation, which by the way, we have for $225 USD extra. Ask us by mail or send us a Whatsapp message. We’ll be happy to assit you.